Introduction and Purpose

Art Gross, D.C.

The purpose of this Blog is to provide information concerning the effects of leg length deficiency and bone abnormalities on the biomechanics of the human body. There is a wealth of information concerning this subject, and it is my hope to bring that information out of the deep recesses of where it exists. We will be posting research summaries, articles, and commentary on topics we feel are timely and of importance. And we also will provide links to those topics so you can read the article or abstract and form your own opinion.

From time to time I may give you my view based on 39 years of practice and the intense interest I have on the mechanical effects of heel lifts, and heel wedges. It won’t be on philosophy, and it won’t be on technique. It will be on what seemed to help, and what didn’t.

Hopefully you’ll be exposed to things you weren’t aware of that can benefit patients or clients who are seeking help.

Our products, advice on using them, and links to information about shoe lifts elsewhere, can be found at G/W Heel Lift.

Art Gross, D.C.

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